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Application Development

Our very few and very first customers requested solutions specific to their business and data needs—needs that couldn't be resolved by standard packages or in-house resources. Today, the development and implementation of custom applications is still the core of our business.

Our expertise at both legacy code and the latest in distributed applications makes us adept at resolving integration issues without locking you into inflexible architectures or proprietary code. We favor extensible, economical solutions that allow our customers to respond to changes in technology or the marketplace quickly and flexibly, without incurring unnecessary costs.

In developing custom applications, we see our role as partners, not merely programmers. Although we typically bring expertise to a project that may not be available in-house, we recognize that solutions succeed not solely for technical reasons, but because end-users and internal IT staff feel ownership.

Owing to the combined skills and experience of our professionals, we have provided advanced and customized outsourced solutions serving a range of industries including Financial Sector, E&P, Telecom, Commerce, Healthcare and Education. The most important benefits of our Application Development Services are the quality, reliability and the knowledge that we have drawn from successful deliverance of solutions for both local and offshore projects.