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Data warehousing and Business Intelligence

At Aslam Associates, we are expert in helping our clients use their data to fuel business results. Our BI solutions help you measure and enhance your marketing, sales and service performance, understand the value in your customer base, increase the effectiveness of your loyalty programs, optimize operational decision processes and standardize key business performance metrics. We offer a range of service offerings, including:

Business Intelligence Planning and Governance If you haven't formalized your BI program or are looking to revamp much of your existing BI investment, then you should consider our BI Discovery Workshop. With it, BI experts from Aslam Associates will engage with you to define and prioritize your information needs, assess the quality and availability of your corporate data assets and develop a phased plan of investments and organizational support aligned with your budget and business expectations.

Business Intelligence Applications Business intelligence applications are what your executives, knowledge workers, line managers and other information consumers use to access, interact with and analyze information. These applications include ad hoc query and analysis, standard and exception reporting, alerts, portals and dashboards, OLAP and a variety of other data analysis and visualization technologies. Aslam Associates is expert in the design, implementation, training and deployment of a wide variety of BI applications.

Embedded Business Intelligence Business intelligence isn't just about delivering useful interfaces to people; it has now evolved into creating closed loop learning (or decisioning) processes that can operate with minimal, sometimes no, human intervention. Examples include closed loop marketing architectures that enable more rapid and effective database marketing processes, automated credit offers and approvals, and Web content personalization. Aslam Associates can help you create the data integration architectures and define the business decision policies that enable more intelligent and automated operational decision making.

Data Warehousing and Data Integration The obvious and essential component of every sound business intelligence solution is quality data. Data warehousing and other data integration technologies enable an organization to acquire, cleanse, transform and store data in an efficient, correlated and accessible manner. Aslam Associates heritage in Database Services has transformed into an expertise in the creation and management of enterprise-scale data warehouses. We follow the industry standard architecture and design approaches to ensure the data warehouses we deliver can both meet the BI needs of today, while being able to scale for tomorrow.