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Database Administration

Aslam Associates Database Administration Services can assist you whether you're implementing the latest in technology or proven technology that is simply new to your company's environment. Some of the general areas that we service are:

Architecture and design is truly at the center of our Database Services offering. Whether it's for a self-contained business function-level application or an enterprise wide system, everyone knows it's extremely difficult to recover from poor or inappropriate design. Aslam Associates can ensure that the most critical phase of systems development is done right.

High availability and scalability through Oracle 9i/10g Real Application Clusters (RAC) is a cost-effective technology to ensure maximum uptime for a company's mission-critical systems, while also ensuring they can easily scale to handle increased future workload. When correctly architected and implemented, this technology is solid and reliable.

Performance and application tuning is where our reputation began. Our expert Oracle DBAs routinely perform miracles, or what is perceived as miracles. Whether it's a quick fix (instance hero) or complex brainteaser, our DBAs thrive on the feeling of accomplishment when finding the problem and then creating a finely tuned environment.

Database and application migrations are best handled by experts on the platform being "migrated to." Whether companies are dealing with inherited systems (through mergers or acquisitions), old legacy systems or a consolidation of multiple platforms, they often do not have the skilled resources available to properly architect a new environment. Aslam Associates brings those skills to the table -- not only with Oracle Database expertise, but also with working knowledge of many of the most common source database and file systems. In addition to these skills, Aslam Associates also provides tools to simplify the process.

Data integration within heterogeneous environments - that's a mouthful. What does it mean? It's the ability, through the use of a proprietary tool, to easily access non-Oracle data transparently -- making the data appear as though it is coming from an Oracle data source. The net effect is the saving of money, time and effort.