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Beihua University - FAQ

Care is taken to consider all the queries that may arise in the mind of students or parents. But If you feel, that you still have a question please do not hesitate to Contact us for prompt reply.

Why China?
China is far more economical as compared to other countries. You can have a real educational atmosphere in really affordable price and at very high standards. Social and moral values are similar to that in Pakistan.

Why choose Aslam Associates?
Our aim is to connect every student to the Information Superhighway, affordably and reliably. To achieve our goal of high-quality, affordable and universal educational Consultancy across the globe, Aslam Associates has been introducing affordable and accessible to the Medical and Engineering University for the first across the world.

What is the purpose of 'consultancy fee' to Aslam Associates?
Every student has to pay some fee (different for different countries) to the consultants in return for the service he is offering to the student, e.g. making the student understand the process of admission, helping getting the visa and air ticket, solving any problem, Answering any question and other related matters. This fee is legal and Colleges have agreed to this fee.

What if I change not to take admission after applying with a consultant?
Depended upon your process of admission, the consultant has every right to forfeit a part or his entire fee for his services rendered to you. Otherwise, you can cancel your admission anytime before you come to China. The College will not return one semester tuition and hostel fee, even the student has lived only for few days, if the admission is canceled after you arrive in China.

What about enlisting in WHO directory?
The Medical collage or university you are going to chose for studies should be registered in WHO directory, then after graduation students are eligible to register with medical council of any country and your degree will be valid all over the world. And our universities are listed in WHO list.

What is the program for registration with PMDC?
Although, no medical college on our list is recognized by PMDC till date. All of the colleges have this item on their agenda to discuss the matters of registration with PMDC. This is a long process and will take time, but once initiated will be followed till the end.
Students can still take the registration examination with PMDC when they return to Pakistan.

What curriculum is followed in this College for foreign students?
The syllabus followed is similar as prescribed by PMDC on its site This curriculum is also been approved by GMC of England. The subjects taught in different semesters are the same and some International books are followed.

Do I need to take IELTS or TOEFL?
No, there is no need for any test or exam like IELTS or TOEFL.

How can we apply or where to contact?
You can just contact to our office at Lahore or our liaison offices in the specific cities. Students coming from those cities and surrounding areas can apply to them and they will forward us their applications. You can get their address from our website.

What will be the degree provided for Medical and Engineering?
The degree provided will be MBBS for Medicine and B.Sc. Engineering for engineering studies.

What are the requirements for admission?
Minimum requirement for admission is the high school graduate (FSc pre-medical and FSc Pre- Engineering) or equivalent, marks obtained must be equal or more than 60% (unadjusted). Other than that, BSc students can also apply. Students who have their results awaiting can also apply. For more information on this chapter, please go to "Admission" page of this site.

What documents do I need for application?
You need your high school graduation certificates(Fsc} original certificate or DMC, Metric original certificates. Passport, father or guardian ID card copy and the admission form available with all consultants and on this site, for admission. After you are granted admission and sent visa, then you have to get two copies physical examination form attested by medical superintendent of any government hospital and then attested by the ministry of foreign affairs of your country one for embassy or consulate in your country and second for university.

If my result is awaiting, can I still apply in this College?
If you think you can get more than 60% marks in FSc (FSc pre-medical and FSc Pre- Engineering) examination, yes you can apply with a hope certificate attested by the principal of your collage. But if you happen to score less than 60% marks in your examination, you will be refused admission. If you have already arrived in China, your admission and visa will be cancelled and you have to go back to your own country. You will be returned all fees (including the hostel). University will bear no responsibility, whatsoever, for the wastage of money and time

What is the fee structure?
Institutions reserve the right to change the fee structure without any prior notice. Please go to the "fee structure" page on this site for details on the fee structures of different colleges.

What about the Medical Examination of the students?
Students have to have their medical check ups in Pakistan from any qualified doctor and this Medical Certificate has to be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan. Universities in China do test the students for HIV, Hepatitis B & C in the universities.

Can a student visit outside the university and the city in China?
Yes, a student can go and visit anywhere he likes in China.

What sort of clothing should I bring with me while coming?
China has mostly temperate climate. It, therefore, sees all the weathers and in their extremes. Winter temperature falls 30 degrees below zero and in summer temperature goes up to 38. So it is imperative to carry both very warm and cold clothes while coming to China

How can we reach to the university?
You, do not have to worry about it. Aslam Associates will be responsible for you to travel with you and University officials will receive you on arriving at the airport.

What will happen after landing on the airport?
At airport, representatives from College will be there to pick them up. A bus will be there to take them from airport to College. All of the students' luggage will be the responsibility of the students. Any objectionable objects carried by the students from their own country will be dealt by the airport customs and is not the responsibility of the College.

Can we open the bank account there in China?
Yes, every foreign student can open the bank account either in foreign currency or in Chinese currency. Bank of China is linked with all the main banks of Pakistan.

After reaching China, if any of my documents happens to be fake or erroneous, what will happen to me?
This is a very serious offense; however, the College reserves the right for any legal action against the student. Normally, the admission will immediately be canceled and the student will be deported back to the country to which he/she belongs. Any fee which he /she might have deposited will not be returned back.

Living Standards?
There are separate hostel arrangements for foreign students where all the facilities are available according to social, cultural, religious needs of the students. The facilities include Bedding, Clothing, Cupboard, Telephone, Internet, Color TV, Air Conditioning and Refrigerators.
There is separate floor for the female students where proper security and privacy is ensured

What are the study hours and examination schedules?
The week starts on Monday and ends on Friday. There are two holidays on Saturday and Sunday. The working day starts at 10:00 A.M and ends at 6:00 P.M with a break of 2 hours from 2:00 P.M to 4:00 P.M. Semester system is followed here namely Spring semester starts at the end of Feb and Fall semester starts at the start of September. At the end of each semester there is a break of at least 1 month vacations. At the conclusion of each semester there is an end term main examination. Only 7-10 days are allowed as preparatory holidays and one day break between two successive papers. Those who may not be able to clear in main examination are given one more chance in supplementary examination held after 1 month during the vacations.

In holidays, if I want to go back to my country, do I have to apply for a visa in Chinese embassy of my country each time?
For students, they will be stamped 1 year multiple entry/exit visits so no need to stamp visa every time you visit your country.

What is the position of security in China for foreigners?
Police security is very tight. Especially about foreigners the police take their all maters very seriously. No one can misbehave with a foreigner. Although, the people are very friendly and have a good feeling for foreigners. Students use to walk around in the city at late night, especially on weekends, but they feel very safe and secure. Same is true for the girls.

Are Medical English books available there?
Books written by Chinese authors taught here in English are available in the college. Students have to pay for their books. But as for International authors' books, they are not easily available, so it is advisable to bring such books while coming to China.

What about girls and boys hostels?
Although, in China hostels for the boys and girls are not separately situated but they are given rooms on separate floors with different access to the rooms. Students must come to the hostel not latter than 10:30 at night. No student is allowed to stay out or bring any guest with him or her for over night stay.

Can I call any relative or parents to visit my University?
Yes, it's very easy to call one of your relatives, including your parents to come and pay a visit to you while you are studying in the College. For this purpose, you have to complete a very simple process with the immigration office of the city with the help of the College and can send them a visa from here. They will go to Chinese embassy in your homeland and the visa will be stamped with no questions asked.

Can I get a job in China to meet my studies or other expenses during my stay?
It should be kept in mind that in China, students doing job and earning money, is strictly prohibited, because of less job opportunities available even for the Chinese citizens. Therefore, government has enforced strict prohibitory laws for foreign students doing any job in China. Every student has to meet all his or her study as well as living expenses right from his or her own pocket and must not rely on any kind of job in China.